Fotos: Uli Jooß -

  1. 100% climbing ability on corresponding ground.

  2. Hillside driving in inclined positions of up to 80%.

  3. Travels over obstacles up to 70 cm high on one side.

  4. Hydrostatic four-wheel drive without interruption of tensile force.

  5. Shifting gears unnecessary.

  6. Front and rear part articulate against each other.

  7. Through articulation maximal possible ground contact & best traction.

  8. Robust construction in every detail.

  9. 10 m turning circle.

  10. Street legal.

  11. 25 cm ground clearance.

  12. Angle of approach 58º, of departure 78º.

  13. Length 305 cm, width 213 cm, height 208 cm.

  14. 42 KW 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine.

  15. Fording depth 800 mm.

  16. Empty weight 1800 kg, payload 1000 kg, towing weight 1500 kg.

  17. Ground pressure 1,1 kg/cm².

  18. Suitable for winter with closed cabin.

Transport-, escort- and mission vehicle for disaster response, civil defense, forestry, monitoring uprooting, fire suppression, open pit mining surveillance, driving in coastal areas, maintenance of pipelines, telecommunication masts and critical infrastructure, expeditions, film industry, geological examinations, rescue operations and as towing and carrier vehicle for a large variety of add-on equipment.

Alligo Cross-Country-Vehicle

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