Two strong business areas create opportunities for the future

Alligo AB comprises two strong and operationally independent business areas – Alligo and Components & Services. With their respective competitive offerings of products and services, high level of expertise and good availability as well as local presence under strong brands, they satisfy the varying needs of professional end-users for industrial consumables, industrial components and related services, primarily in the industrial, construction and public sectors in the Nordic region.

In line with Alligo AB:s decentralised business model, the business areas are lead and operated based on their own prereq-uisites and goals. Respective business area develops their own mission, vision, business concept and strategy – and sets their own targets, ambitions and business plans for their operations. Combined with the Group’s shared financial targets and sustainability goals, this forms Alligo AB:s common goals for creating long term sustainable profitability and development.

The Group´s financial targets

Alligo AB:s Board of Directors has established the following financial targets and dividend policy:

Earnings growth. Alligo AB aims to achieve earnings growth (EBITA) of at least 15 percent annually over a business cycle.

Profitability. Alligo AB aims to achieve a return on equity of at least 20 percent, combined with the internal profitability target of P/WC of at least 45 percent, measured as EBITA (P) in relation to utilised working capital (WC).

Dividend policy. 30–50 percent of earnings per share annually over a business cycle.

The Group´s sustainability goals

Alligo AB:s shared sustainability goals are presented in Sustainability.

Read more about the vision, targets, business model, market and focus areas for each business area under Business Areas