A word from Clein

Welcome to Alligo!

All of us who work at Alligo help Nordic trade professionals by providing everything they need to be successful. Alligo may be a new name, but our customers will recognize us via strong concept brands such as TOOLS, Swedol, Grolls and Univern, all names that have been around for a long time – in the case of Grolls since 1832.

We are still in the process of building Alligo. Since we became part of the same family when the Momentum Group acquired Swedol in April 2020, we have worked intensively to build a new company. Some of these changes can be seen from the outside, for example we have brought our various different sales activities together under one roof, so Swedol, TOOLS and Grolls can now be found in the same premises. In Norway as well, Swedol is becoming part of TOOLS. Some of the changes are more internal, for example, we have established a new common organization and are coordinating our various IT systems.

As all these changes fall into place, we will become an even stronger partner for our customers and suppliers in our mission: We keep companies working