Alligos focus in the short and medium term

Integration and synergies in business area Alligo

The acquisition of Swedol in April 2020 has created new opportunities for the future. The combination of TOOLS and Swedol’s complementary customer focus and sales channels is contributing to an even stronger and more attractive business partner for our customers, suppliers and employees. The merger is creating the prerequisites for increased efficiency and scalability and together, both businesses will benefit from joint product ranges, procurement channels, more efficient logistics and proprietary product brands as well as the development of an even better service offering and new digital solutions. Consequently, this will lead to a solid platform for continued expansion.

Continued development and improvement initiatives in all of the Group’s companies

Alligo AB:s decentralised business model is one key to the success of the Group – that businesses and employees, within a given framework, can make fast business decisions, implement adaptive measures and feel individual responsibility as close as possible to the customer. Focus on continuous improvements, increased efficiency and coordination between businesses as well as a high level of cost awareness in all companies contribute to long-term profitability and strengthened positions in the markets where each company operates. This also includes continuously developing, strengthening and complementing the Group’s service and product offering.

Acquisition-driven growth strategy in business area Components & Services

Corporate acquisitions are an important part of Alligo AB:s growth strategy for the business area Components & Services over the next few years. The acquisitions may strengthen existing operations or complement the business area with new products and product areas, services, and expertise and specialist segments. Acquisition candidates must be profitable, be leaders in their market niches for professional end users in the Nordic region, have sound customer and supplier relationships and may bring new market niches.