Scalable platform for the future

The integration and merger of Swedol and TOOLS has begun in the form of store integrations, completion of the expansion of the logistics centre in Örebro, implementation of Swedol’s IT and business systems in TOOLS in Finland, and the coordination and optimi-sation of the product range.

With the aim of developing our shared platform and culture, a new vision and mission for the business area were prepared and work began on developing shared values. A leadership training course has also been introduced with the aim of strengthening and devel-oping leadership within the organisation.

As of 1 April 2020, this business area comprises Swedol and TOOLS with Univern and Grolls, and Mercus Yrkeskläder, TriffiQ Företagsprofilering, Reklamproffsen, Metaplan, Industriprofil and Company Line, which offer products and services related to tools, consumables, workwear, personal protective equipment, workplace equipment as well as promotional products for the industrial, construction and public sectors in the Nordic region, among others.