Executive management

Effective 1 April 2021, Alligo’s executive management consists of the CEO and the three country managers, plus seven managers for business and staff office processes. Management coordinates strategies, business activities and resource allocation and sets out the directives, procedures and structures required for effective governance. Management holds regular meetings with the focus on strategy and operational development and monitors financial performance.

Business Area Manager: Clein Ullenvik
CFO: Irene W Bellander
Country Manager Sweden: Torbjörn Eriksson
Country Manager Norway: Jens Henriksen
Country Manager Finland: Mika Kärki
Head of Assortment and Procurement: Håkan Wanselius
Head of Concept and Marketing: Magnus Lyckman
Head of Logistics: Pontus Glasberg
Head of IT and Digital Development, CIO: Gustaf Johansson
Head of HR: Ann Gårdmark
Head of Business Development and Sustainability: Peter Söderberg