Mission and vision

Our mission, vision and strategic priorities provide guidance in both business planning and the thousands of small, everyday decisions made by employees in different parts of our organization.



We make businesses work

If we do our job right, our customers will have what they need to do their job right – both as companies and employees. They have the tools and consumables where they need them, when they need them. They have workwear and PPE that protects them against weather, hazards and danger. With our know-how, we can help them grow their business and so become even more efficient and safer.

This mission is something for us to build on for the future. We do not restrict ourselves to specific products and services. We have space to grow by becoming even better at meeting the needs our customers have in their everyday lives.



We´re unbeatable

…as a partner to our customers
…as an employer 
…as a partner to our suppliers
…as the leader in sustainable development in our industry

Our vision describes what we want to achieve in the longer term. We refuse to be satisfied with being “one of the leaders” in our sector. We should be unbeatable. This vision emphasizes that if we are to be truly unbeatable, we need to meet – and exceed – the expectations of different stakeholders. If we are the best partner for our customers, this will drive our sales.

To do the best we can for our customers, we need committed and knowledgeable employees. If we are to be able to give our customers the best offer, we need to have good relations with the best suppliers. To enable us to contribute to a sustainable society – and also be relevant for customers and employees – we need to take sustainability issues seriously.



To ensure Alligo has a common orientation, we have defined a number of common strategic prioritizations, a common core that is in line with the existing strategies that were adopted by Tools and Swedol. Our common strategic prioritizations are all oriented to our general goal of profitable growth:

  • Attractive offering to the customer based on value, not price
  • Attractive employer with committed and competent staff and leaders
  • Sustainable operations throughout the value chain
  • Digitalization to add value to the customer and simplify our operations
  • Efficient operations and reliable processes