Leading position in the Nordic region

Alligo is a leading specialist in Workwear, PPE, Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region. We trade on three principal Nordic markets: Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Our focus is on professional customers within eight defined sector segments that together comprise a broad market.

Alligo focuses on professional customers within eight sector segments:
Construction Industry
Public Sector
Transport and Warehousing
Maintenance and Repair
Farming and Forestry
Fishing and Aquaculture
Oil and Gas


Sweden is Alligo’s biggest market and geographic segment. In 2021, net sales in Sweden increased by 23 percent. Sales growth in the SME segment was stable, while larger industrial customers continued to be adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alligo is firmly established in Sweden with a broad, nationwide store network. At the end of the year, Alligo had a total 109 stores in Sweden, including 53 Swedol stores, 19 TOOLS stores, 19 Grolls stores, and 18 stores trading under specialist brands.

The Swedish market is relatively consolidated and Alligo has competitors in all its sector segments. Our biggest rivals are Ahlsell, Derome, Berendsen, and Würth at national level. Alligo also has competitors in the construction sector, plus local ironmongers, and clothes retailers.


Alligo has a leading position on the Norwegian market.The Norwegian market showed a certain recovery in relation to the comparison period, but the development in the oil and gas industry remained weak. The acquisition of RAF Romerike Arbeidstøy A / S had a positive effect and in total net sales increased by 10 percent during the year. At the end of the year, Alligo had a total 55 stores in Norway, including 46 TOOLS stores and 9 Univern stores.

During the year, Swedol was rebranded in Norway as TOOLS and thereby ceased to be a concept brand on the Norwegian market. Group competitors in Norway largely consist of big nationwide names such as Würth, Tess, Ahlsell, and BIG. In addition to these, there are numerous strong local companies with broad ranges that to an extent, include products outside Alligo’s offer.


Alligo has a weaker market position in Finland compared with Sweden and Norway, but the growth potential is judged to be good. In 2021, sales were positively affected by the acquisition of Imatran Pultti Oy. In total, net sales increased by 9 percent.

At the end of the year, Alligo had a total 39 stores in Finland, including 29 TOOLS stores, seven Grolls stores, two stores trading under the specialist brand Metaplan, and one store trading under the specialist brand Imatran Pultti.

The Finnish market is relatively consolidated in Finland and the competition largely consists of nationwide chains such as Würth, Etra, IKH, Ahlsell, plus local independents.