Non-financial Targets

Non-financial Targets

To become the unbeatable leader in sustainable development in our industry, Alligo focuses on its role as a partner to our customers, an employer to our employees and a partner to our suppliers. Based on its vision and material sustainability issues, Alligo has set itself five new non-financial targets:

1. Responsible Supplier Relationships

100% signing of Code of Conduct

  • All key suppliers must have signed Alligo’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Outcome 2021: 96 %  of key suppliers (suppliers with a purchasing value in excess of MSEK 1) had signed the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

2. Satisfied Customers

>75 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

  • All concept brands on all of Alligo’s geographic markets shall achieve a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of more than 75.
  • Outcome 2021: All concept brands and markets achieved a CSI that exceeded the target of 75.

3. Health

<5 % Sickness Absence

  • Sickness absence shall be less than 5 %  of total scheduled hours.
  • Outcome 2021: Sickness absence amounted to 6.8 %.

4. Gender Equality

>30% Proportion of female managers

  • The proportion of female managers shall be more than 30%.
  • Outcome 2021: The proportion of female managers was 22%.

5. Climate Impact

Reduced carbon emissions

  • Reducing our climate impact is a key priority for Alligo.
  • We have begun work on the accurate and reliable measurement of the carbon emissions generated by our business and intend to set a common goal for reduced carbon emissions to guide our business forward.