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Alligo also consists of several smaller independent companies. These businesses offer products and services within welding, tools, supplies, workwear, PPE, workplace equipment, plus professional and personalized clothing to both the public and private sectors in the Nordic region.

Sweden – Product Media Companies

Company Line

Company Line is a leading retailer of workwear and personalized clothing plus product media in Sweden, with trade stores and showrooms in Kiruna and Luleå. With its extensive experience, value creating offer and excellent know-how within corporate profiling, workwear and PPE for professional users, the company has built up a strong position in north Sweden. Its subsidiary company AMJ Papper, offers industrial packaging and paper products to local customers in Kiruna.


Industriprofil has had a store and showroom at Näringen in Gävle since 1993. The company is the leader in its region within this area and regular customers include large and small companies, municipalities, and county councils. Industriprofil is part of NewWave profile, the largest profiling chain in Scandinavia.


Kents is one of the leading retailers of professional and profile clothing as well as product media in Halland, located in the towns of Halmstad and Falkenberg. With over 25 years of experience, they collaborate with both small local and larger companies, as well as municipalities. They have well-established procedures for both logistics and administration, and create customer-unique web shops which can be adapted according to requirements. In Halmstad, they have one of Sweden’s most attractive exhibitions where you can find everything you need in profiling, together with their own textile printing and embroidery in the same premises. Kents is part of New Wave Profile which is Scandinavia’s biggest chain in profiling.


Magnussons is a leading retailer of professional clothing, profile clothing and other product media in its home market in the municipalities of Kristianstad and Hässleholm. They have one of Sweden’s largest showrooms/stores in Vinslöv in northeastern Skåne. Small and large companies are served daily with personal service in combination with customer-specific webshops. Magnussons is part of New Wave profile, which is Scandinavia’s largest profile chain.


Olympus Profile is Uddevalla’s largest retailer of professional and profile clothing, as well as product media. Through many years of experience with knowledge, commitment and always sticking to what they promise, Olympus Profile creates opportunities for a customer’s business and brand to increase their turnover and make their working day easier. In their premises with professional shop and exhibition, they also have their own production facilities for embroidery and transfers. They have well-established procedures for both logistics and warehousing and create customer-unique web shops with on-demand solutions which are adapted to requirements. Olympus Profile is part of New Wave profile which is Scandinavia’s biggest chain in profiling.

Profeel Sweden AB

Profeel is a leading profile agency, which works with professional marketing through products & events. The company produces and delivers creative marketing of high quality. They understand the value of your brand and how to achieve the best possible effect to reach out with your message. Profeel has exhibitions in Eskilstuna and Västerås.


Reklamproffsen is one of the largest retailers in Örebro of workwear, personalized clothing and product media and experts in corporate profiling. Reklamproffsen has a store and showroom in Örebro and its customers are mainly manufacturing and service companies.

Triffiq and Profilmakarna

Triffiq Företagsprofiliering is one of the largest retailers within workwear, safety footwear, personalized clothing and product media to industrial and service companies and the public sector in the Stockholm area – and a specialist in corporate profiling. TriffiQ and its subsidiary company Profilmakarna have stores in Stockholm and Södertälje. A significant proportion of sales are made via dedicated customer online stores.


Z-Profil is a long-established profile company that today runs one of the country’s largest and most advanced logistics solutions that supplies customers throughout the world with product media, profiling & work clothes. The company’s ideal customers primarily consist of locally strong companies that often has a geographical spread and need services related to product media and profile agency services.

The company’s focus is to design sustainable and creative solutions and products that will create the greatest possible added value and profitability for their end customers. With Umeå and Skellefteå as the base and Norrland as its main market, the company wants to grow out into the world alongside their customers. Z-Profil is part of New Wave Profile which is Scandinavia’s biggest chain in profiling.

Topline AB and Topline Kalmar AB

Topline helps companies build concepts that include profile marketing, communication and relationships using product media, everything from strategy to logistics and distribution. The customers are both small local and large international companies. In close collaboration with the customer, they offer a well-thought-out profiling that strengthens the customer’s brand and relationships, both externally and internally. They also give the customer opportunities to create specially designed products and company-adapted profiling concepts in customer-unique web shops and help with various forms of logistics solutions.

Topline has showrooms in Borås, Gothenburg and Kalmar. There is also a professional shop in Kalmar. Topline is part of New Wave Profile, which is Scandinavia’s largest profile chain.

New Promotion Sverige AB

New Promotion Sverige AB is one of Skaraborg’s biggest players in product media with the focus on profile clothing, profile products, corporate gifts and workwear. With a showroom, office, production and warehouse in Lidköping, we have been collaborating since 2005 with small and large companies, organisations and municipalities both locally and regionally. We nurture, develop and strengthen the customer’s brand through unique customised solutions.

New Promotion is a member of New Wave Profile, which is Scandinavia’s biggest profile chain

Sweden – Other Companies


Mercus yrkeskläder has eight stores in Sweden today and is one of the larger workwear companies in the sector. Mercus supplies local construction and civil engineering companies with a complete range of practical workwear, safety footwear, personalized clothing, and PPE (such as hi viz clothing, gloves, hardhats, ear defenders, respiratory equipment, eyewear and safety harnesses) plus services within associated areas. The range consists of famous brands and suppliers.

Svets och Tillbehör i Sverige and Svetspartner i Malmö/Järnab

Svets och Tillbehör i Sverige and Svetspartner i Malmö/Järnab offer a wide range of welding, grinding and related services and are located in Ystad and Malmö.

Wiklunds i Bollnäs

Wiklunds i Bollnäs has one store in Bollnäs and sells tools, supplies, workwear and personal protection.

T. Brantestig Svetsmaskinservice AB

T. Brantestig Svetsmaskinservice has one store in Västerås, specialising in selling, renting, and servicing welding machines. The company is a full-service welding, construction and industry supplier with Mälardalen as its main local market area.

Sundholm Welding AB

Sundholm Welding specialises in the sale and service of welding machines and related equipment. The company is a full-service industrial welding supplier with stores in Köping and Eskilstuna

Finland – Other Companies


Metaplan sells tools and supplies to professional users in Turku, Finland. Metaplan was founded in 1977 and since then has built a strong position within tools and supplies via two stores in the Turku area.


Kitakone runs a store in Jyväskylä and sell workwear, chemicals, and sells fittings to the construction- and auto repair markets.


Liukkosen sells workwear and tools and has a store in Lahti.


Pirkka-Hitsi specializes in sales and service of welding machines and runs two stores.

Hämeen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy and Riihimäen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy

Hämeen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy and Riihimäen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy sell tools, supplies, industrial components, workwear and personal protection. The companies have a total of five stores in Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki, Tampere and Hyvinkää.

Norway – Other companies

Tore Vagle AS

Tore Vagle AS is based in Sandnes and sells tools and industrial components.

Workwear AS

Workwear sells workwear and personal protection equipment  and has stores in Oslo and Gjøvik.