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Share Information

Market listing

Alligo’s shares are traded under the short name ALLIGO B. The company was introduced on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market (Mid Cap) on 21 June, 2017 under the name Momentum Group, but changed name to Alligo AB at 15 December, 2021.

Share structure

The total number of shares outstanding is 50,906,189, of which 564 073 are Class A shares and 50,342,116 Class B shares. The Company currently holds 855,300 Class B shares in treasury.

All shares carry equal rights to participation in the assets and earnings of Momentum Group. The company’s class A shares entitle the holder to ten (10) votes each and class B shares to one (1) vote each. The share conversion clause in the company’s Articles of Association allows for the conversion of class A shares to class B shares. After deducting the shares held by the Company, the total number of votes amounts to 55,127,546.

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