Share Information

Market listing

Momentum Group’s Series B share was introduced on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market (Mid Cap) on June 21, 2017. As a result of the company changing its name to Alligo AB, the share will be traded under the short name ALLIGO B from December 15, 2021.

Share structure

The total number of shares outstanding is 50,906,189, of which 1,062,436 are Class A shares and 49,843,753 Class B shares. The Company currently holds 500,000 Class B shares in treasury.

All shares carry equal rights to participation in the assets and earnings of Momentum Group. The company’s class A shares entitle the holder to ten (10) votes each and class B shares to one (1) vote each. The share conversion clause in the company’s Articles of Association allows for the conversion of class A shares to class B shares. After deducting the shares held by the Company, the total number of votes amounts to 59,968,113.

In accordance with resolutions at the Annual General Meeting in the Company on 31 August 2020, the Board of Directors was authorised to, on one or more occasions during the period until the next Annual General Meeting:

  • To acquire and divest Class B shares in the Company (authorisation for repurchase and conveyance of own shares). The purpose of such repurchases is to be able to adapt the Group’s capital structure and to pay for future acquisitions of businesses and operations using treasury shares. Holdings of treasury shares are also used to secure the Company’s obligations under the share-based incentive programmes adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in November 2017 and at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in August 2018. The Board has resolved to exercise the authorisation until the next Annual General Meeting to repurchase Class B shares in the Company.To decide to increase the Company’s share capital by means of a new issue of shares up to 10 percent of the number of shares (authorisation to resolve to issue new shares).
  • The new issue of shares may be performed with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights and with or without provisions regarding non-cash issues or right of offset. The purpose of the authorisation and the grounds for the deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights are to improve Momentum Group’s opportunities to conduct or finance the acquisition of other companies, parts of companies or assets that the Board of Directors considers of value to the Company’s operations, or in connection therewith strengthen the Company’s own funds.