Market trends
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Market trends

Sustainability, digitisation, consolidation and shortage of resoources are examples of trends that are having a major impact society and on Alligo’s operations.

1. Increased sustainability requirements

Many larger and public sector customers are stipulating increasingly clear sustainability requirements. At the same time, the awareness and demands of smaller customers are also increasing, although their specific requirements are not as formalised yet. Having a sustainable offering is however a competitive advantage.

2. Digitisation

There is still potential for increased digitisa­tion in the industry. Technology is advancing rapidly and companies that take advantage of the benefits can enhance their competitiveness.

3. Consolidation

Alligo’s markets are consolidated to varying degrees. This process is continuing and larger companies, such as Alligo, can benefit from econ­omies of scale to improve profitability through consolidation. There has also been an increase in horizontal integration in the market. For example, companies from other markets may be able to get closer to Alligo through acquisitions and become more competitive in certain product areas.

4. Shortage of resources

A shortage of resources and supply problems in global value chains have been an issue in recent years. Like the rest of the industry, Alligo is at risk of being affected by this, both directly and indirectly. The situation has improved, but disrup­tions and new problems can be hard to predict.