Dialog to meet increased sustainability requirements

Being responsive to the expectations of stakeholders and the world around us is vital if we are to continue to develop and improve Alligo’s operations and sustainability work. The Group’s most important stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, investors, society and authorities.

We make it easy for companies to meet their needs in a way that is as sustainable as possible. If we do our job right, we create value responsibly for all our stakeholders.

Advising customers to make sustainable choices

Customer requirements and expectations of Alligo in terms of sustainability have increased in recent years, just as they have in the rest of soci­ety. In interaction with customers, we want to help them make conscious and more sustainable choices. We achieve this by working with various product standards and certifications.

Long-term and trusting partnership

Alligo has a large number of suppliers in the EU, Asia and other parts of the world. Relation­ships with suppliers are based on a long-term approach, trust and respect. Alligo carries out systematic work to select those partners that offer the right quality and that meet Alligo’s sustainability requirements.

Skilled and committed employees

Alligo needs employees with the right skills, who develop and are happy, if it is to achieve the targets set and deliver value to customers and owners. Our values – commitment, collaboration, and competence – permeate the organisation.

Transparent and long-term dialogue with investors

Alligo works to create shareholder value by focusing on sustainable operations and long-term profitable growth, to minimise major business risks through active and effective corporate governance and to provide accurate and relevant information to the shareholders and investors.

Responsible and engaged corporate citizen

It is critically important for Alligo that we act as a responsible and engaged corporate citizen in the countries where we operate.

That is why we proactively collaborate with various authorities and industry organisations to identify new and updated legislation within work environment, environment, chemicals, fire safety and other areas that are relevant to the business.