Management’s work
Corporate Governance

Management’s work

The CEO and President Clein Johansson Ullenvik manages the operations in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act and the frame­work established by the Board.

The CEO’s authorities and work of duties

With respect to the authority of the CEO to make decisions regarding investments, corporate acquisitions, corporate sales and financing issues, the rules approved by the Board of Directors apply. In consultation with the Chair of the Board, the CEO prepares the necessary information and supporting data for Board meetings, reports on various matters and explains the motivation for motions presented for resolution.

The Board also receives monthly reports containing up-to-date information about the commercial and financial development of the company, as well as the progress made in relation to sustainability.

The Group management’s work of duties

The CEO leads the work of Group management and makes decisions in consultation with the other members of management. The Group management meets once a month to:

  • follow up on operations and discuss general Group matters, including risk and sustainability
  • draft pro­posals for the strategic plan, business plan and budget which the CEO presents to the Board of Directors.

The work to develop the business plan involves employees at many levels throughout the Group and is overseen by Group management on an ongoing basis.

In addition, the CEO and the Group CFO hold monthly meetings with each country manager on country-specific issues, acquisitions and follow-up of operations, as well as six-monthly reviews with each Nordic function.