Unbeatable as a leader in sustainable development

Sustainability is an integral part of Alligo’s strategy and it is our ambition to be known as the leader in sustainable development in the industry.

Sustainability is not just something that is required for Alligo to be a responsible stakeholder in society, it is also a prerequisite for long-term profitability. Alligo’s approach to sustainability is based on the Group’s material sustainability issues and consists of four focus areas:

  • Product liability and sustainable product development
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Responsible employer

CEO Clein Ullenvik’s view on sustainability -“This is business critical”

Think about sustainability in everything you do.

Responsible sourcing

Alligo strives for establishing long-term sustainable relationships with suppliers all over the world.

Code of Conduct

Alligo’s Code of Conduct pertains to all businesses and employees in the group.

Sustainability reports

Download Alligo’s annual report, and other useful publications related to sustainability topics.