About us

About us

We make businesses work

Alligo is a leading specialist in Workwear, PPE, and Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region. The enterprise was established in 2020, via the merger of Swedol and TOOLS. In 2021, we adopted the name Alligo.

Now we aim to build an integrated company with a scalable platform that can continue to drive long-term profitability and sustainable growth.
To guide us, we have established a strategic map that guides us toward our vision of becoming unbeatable as a partner to our customers and suppliers, an employer for our employees, and the leader in sustainable development in our sector.

In 2021, we adopted the name Alligo that means “something that is connected” in Esperanto.

All parts of Alligo are connected and together, we are an integrated company that meets the needs of Nordic professionals. We have a clear focus on supplies and offer a standardized product range with products and services that enable companies to function.

Via our concept brands Swedol, TOOLS, Grolls and Univern, plus local specialist brands, we interact with professional customers across the entire Nordic region in the channels where they want to meet us, whether this is in store, field sales, online, or service on site.

OUR MISSION We make businesses work

This mission is something to build on for the future. We will not be restricted to specific products and services. We have scope to grow by becoming even better at meeting the needs of our customers in their everyday operations.

OUR VISION We are unbeatable

…as a partner to our customers
…as an employe
…as a partner to our suppliers
…as a leader in sustainable development in our industry

The vision emphasises that if we genuinely want to be unbeatable, we must meet – and exceed! – the expectations of our various stakeholders. If we are the best partner for our customers, this will drive our sales. To make positive contributions to our customers, we need to have committed and skilled employees. To be able to provide our customers with the best offering, we need to have good relationships with the best suppliers. To be able to contribute to a sustainable society – as well as being relevant to our customers and employees – we must take sustainability issues seriously.


Alligo’s values are based on three pillars that together define who we are and how we interact with our customers and other stakeholders.

We care about what we do, for us, this is about professional pride. We do our utmost to ensure we do a good job, and our commitment is something that can be seen, both from our employees and to our customers.

We are one team together. We believe in being a community, where we are willing to help each other and not afraid to ask others for help, to ensure success. We warmly welcome both customers and suppliers to our team.

To earn someone’s trust and confidence, you need to be knowledgeable about what you do. We always look to challenge ourselves, to learn more, and to think innovatively. In close partnership with everyone who trusts in us, we aim to become even better at everything we do.

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