About Us
About Us

About us

We make businesses work

Alligo is a leading player within workwear, personal protective equipment, tools and consumables in the Nordic region.

The name Alligo comes from Esperanto and means “something that is connected”. All parts of Alligo are connected and together we are an integrated company.

We offer a stand­ardised product range of goods and services that enable companies to function.

Strategy and vision

Alligo’s strategy and business planning is based on a clear mission, vision and values. We make businesses work.


Alligo operates on three Nordic main markets: Sweden, Norway and Finland. The focus is on corporate customers within eight defined industry segments.


Whatever sales channel the customer prefer it must always be easy doing business with Alligo.

The origin of Alligo

The origin of Alligo dates back to 1832, when Grolls was founded in Stockholm, Sweden.