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Own brands

Alligo has a broad portfolio of strong own brands in personal protection and clothing, tools, fasteners, and consumables. All the Group’s own brands are sold in Tools and Swedol stores, field sales and online.

Selling own brands provides better control over the supply chain and the properties and quality of products, as well as the opportunity for higher sales margins. They are particularly important within the Personal protective equipment and clothing product area, where own brands account for a large proportion of sales.


Own brands range from historic brands as Björnkläder with over 100 years of tradition to new brands as Gesto that have been built up from scratch in a relatively short space of time. Whatever their background, each brand performs a specific function, and they combine to create a differentiated offering.

Products for our own personal protection and clothing brands – Björnkläder, Univern, Gesto and 1832 – are developed and tested in Gothenburg.


In addition to own brands, Alligo also has private labels from Ampro and Nuair. Private labels perform an important function in the offering and can be used to develop the range with products manufactured by our suppliers based on specific needs identified by our product managers. Private labels are where Alligo has exclusive rights but does not own and develop the brands itself.

Workwear and personal protective equipment


Björnkläder-   Iconic workwear since 1905

Since 1905, Björnkläder has had the ambition to make durable, comfortable workwear and is today one of the oldest and highest quality workwear brands in the Nordic region.

Björnkläder workwear offers comfort, a good fit and durability. The function of the collections is always based on challenging working environments.

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UNIVERN – Workwear for extreme outdoor environments

Founded in 1977, premium brand Univern designs workwear for extreme outdoor environments where high demands are placed on protection against wind, rain and cold.

Univern workwear is a popular choice for customers in the fishing and oil industries.

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Gesto – function with attitude

Gesto is one of Alligo’s own brands, launched in 2013. The brand stands for innovation in workwear, footwear, and safety eyewear, combining functional design with smart and simple solutions.

Gesto has a clear focus on sustainability, which means that the customer can be assured that all protection requirements are met, combined with stylish clothing and footwear that keeps the user comfortable throughout the working day.

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1832 offers quality-assured, certified workwear at a great price.

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Balance  – The right glove for the task

Balance safety gloves provide the professional with effective and affordable protection to ensure that hands are kept safe in different working environments – whether working in dry, wet, or cold conditions. The right size and fit are essential to avoid accidents.

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Tools and consumables


AmPro – Tools and storage that make the difference

AmPro specialises in tool trolleys and storage solutions that take organisation to a whole new level. The range also includes quality and affordable hand tools such as wrenches and pliers, built to withstand any job.

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AWARD – The right lighting for the task

The AWARD range includes vehicle lighting, workplace lighting, torches, and headlamps – high quality and performance lighting for all occasions, environments and at a great price.

AWARD was founded in 2015 as a direct response to customer demand for vehicle lighting. Through continuous product development and testing, we have maximum control over quality, sustainability, and availability so that customers can make a safe and good deal.

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INNO –  new product brand in fasteners

INNO is a new fastener brand that will be launched in the Nordic market in 2024. The range includes the most common fastening products that customers buy today. All products can be bought in bulk, which is important for customers when buying fasteners in stores.

With the aim of becoming a wholesale supplier of fasteners to our customers, the range will be gradually expanded over time.


Nima – the farm and forestry specialist

Grinding, milling, packing – Nima has the products for the hunt and the forest.


4USE   affordable consumables

4-USE offers a range of affordable consumables for those working in the construction, transport, agriculture & forestry, and car repair industries.

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