Responsible employer

Responsible employer

Competent and dedicated employees are the foundation for Alligo’s success. Our vision is to be unbeatable as an employer.
All our employees, whatever their position and level, have the same fundamental task: to help the company achieve its goals. To maximise their contribution, Alligo needs to be an employer with the ability to both attract and retain good employees and to get the best out of every single one of them.

Common set of values

The foundation of Alligo’s success as an employer and a company lies in our common values:

  • the willingness and ability for Collaboration
  • the right Competence
  • a high level of Commitment

Our values describe the approach that everyone can expect our employees to take, both internally

and externally:

The values are a decisive factor in recruitment selection and a constant element of training. They form part of the discussions concerning an employee’s development, as well as pay and promotion.


The key enabler of commitment is leadership. We therefore devote significant resources to developing leaders at all levels to give them the skills they need to be successful in their roles and to deliver on their business goals.

Follow-up on business results together with regular employee surveys (pulse measurement) provide managers with a clear picture of how well they are doing their job.

Leadership is also one of the most important components in a good work environment, which is why all the Group’s managers undergo work environment training. This training focuses on what managerial responsibility involves and how they need to work to fulfil it.

Training and skills development

Alligo’s ambition is to have the industry’s most competent employees and to be the company that offers the greatest opportunities for development for each individual employee.

Against this background, a new digital platform for competence development was implemented during 2023. The platform enables the collation, quality assurance, management and sharing of the large-scale competence that exists in various parts of the Group. The platform also contains both internal and external training courses.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Alligo is working to increase diversity and equality throughout the organisation and we have a zero tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination. Our corporate culture must be inclusive, and we believe in the equal value of all people, whatever their external attributes, orientation and inner beliefs.

All diversity that serves the organisation’s purpose is encouraged and it is only the individual person’s ability to help Alligo achieve its goals that should influence employment and promotion.

Historically, women have been under-represented in Alligo’s industry, both among customers and within our own organisation. This is therefore a prioritised matter and one of our sustainability targets, where we are taking a long-term and targeted approach. Alligo’s gender quality target is that the proportion of female managers shall be more than 30 per cent, to correspond to the overall gender distribution of Alligo’s employees. The trend in 2023 was positive, with an outcome of 24.4 % (21.7).

Sickness absence and wellness

Sickness absence is one of Alligo’s sustainability targets that is reported and followed up quarterly. Sickness absence for 2023 amounted to 5.2 % (5.4).

The level of sickness absence is higher for women than men, as it is in society in general. Various solutions have been implemented to try and understand the reasons and influence sickness absence in a positive direction.

As the rules and traditions relating to wellness vary between the Nordic countries, the benefits provided in this area are slightly different but include, for example, occupational health services, wellness allowance and a subsidised registration fee for running races.