Alligo announces outcome of subscription in incentive program 2022/2025

Published 15 juni 2022, 13:00

At the Annual General Meeting of Alligo AB (publ) (”Alligo”) on 11 May 2022 it was resolved to adopt a long term incentive program (2022 Share-Based Incentive Programme) for key individuals in senior positions in the Alligo Group. The program is based on a maximum of 185,000 call options for repurchased Class B shares and comprises 15 persons who have acquired a total of 185,000 call option, entailing that the program has been fully subscribed.

The call options have been acquired at a price of SEK 7.82 per call option, equivalent to the market value of the options according to a valuation performed by an independent external third party. The exercise price for the call options is SEK 129.30 per share, corresponding to 120 percent of the volume-weighted average share price on Nasdaq Stockholm during the period starting 12 May 2022 up to and including 25 May 2022.

Each call option entitles its holder to acquire one repurchased Class B share in the Company on three occasions: 1) during the period starting 2 June 2025 up to and including 16 June 2025, 2) during the period starting 18 August 2025 up to and including 1 September 2025, and 3) during the period starting 3 November 2025 – 17 November 2025.

For further information, please contact:

Clein Johansson Ullenvik, President & CEO

Tel +46 8 712 00 00

This information was submitted for publication on 15 June 2022 at 13:00 CET.


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