Alligo moves its two warehouse operations in the Oslo area to a newly built Logistics Center in Vestby Logistikpark

Published 23 maj 2022, 14:30

Alligo has signed an agreement with Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS regarding renting a newly built Logistics Center in Vestby Logistics Park. Occupancy will take place on an ongoing basis starting in fall 2023.


Alligo’s existing logistics operations in Skedsmokorset and Rosenholm intend to move into new spaces totaling 16,000 square meters in Vestby Logistikpark, south of Oslo. All employees at the existing warehouses are offered continued employment.


– We see great advantages in gathering our warehousing, services, and distribution in the Oslo area in one place. None of the warehouses we have in the area today will have the capacity for the growth we are planning for in Norway. The investment in a new logistics center is an important part of creating good logistics conditions and a strong offer for our current and future customers, says Pontus Glasberg, Nordic Logistics Manager, Alligo.


– Alligo has recently coordinated the logistics operations in Sweden into a joint Logistics Center in Örebro, with great success. We see that it creates good conditions for us as a company to increase efficiency and reduce costs, while at the same time enabling a more attractive offer and satisfied customers, says Clein Ullenvik, President & CEO, Alligo.


For further information please contact:


Clein Ullenvik, President & CEO

Tel +46 8 712 00 00


Pontus Glasberg, Nordic Logistics Manager

Tel +46 70 220 68 82


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