Alligo unites strong brands such as TOOLS, Swedol, Grolls and Univern. Alligo also includes the companies Mercus Yrkeskläder, TriffiQ Företagsprofilering, Reklamproffsen, Industriprofil, Metaplan and Company Line.

Each has its characteristics and unique position in the market – something that varies both depending on country and the challenges faced by customers. But our brands also have some things in common. First, because we all help professionals in the Nordic region with what they need to succeed in the job.

Through Alligo, we also have a common view on how we work. We believe in competence so that people can trust what we say and what we sell. We believe that our commitment to our job is noticeable and that it pays off. And we believe that our cooperation – with each other and with customers – is what makes us even better.

Each concept brand has its own characteristic appearance – its own visual profile. It is based on the feeling we want to convey to our customers. Since our concept brands have a great deal in common, there are also common traits in their visual identities.

However, each brand also has its own strengths and characteristics that we naturally want to highlight.

Therefore, each one of them has its own unique appearance to highlight and strengthen its unique position in the market.