Code of Conduct & guiding policies

Code of Conduct & guiding policies

Alligo’s Code of Conduct pertains to all businesses and employees in the group and underlines the importance of always behaving in an ethically correct manner and respecting human rights. 

Alligo is to conduct its business in accordance with the company’s vision, business concept, business objectives and values, and the principle of long-term, healthy development. In addition to all business economic criteria, objectives and guidelines, the Group is to conduct its business with high requirements imposed on integrity and ethics.

All employees should act in accordance with Alligo’s values and in line with the responsibilities and powers invested in them.

Each business unit, support function and subsidiary company is responsible for implementing the code of conduct in their business operations. All managers are responsible for ensuring their employees are aware of the code of conduct, understand it and work in accordance with it. T

Supplier Code of Conduct

All key suppliers must have signed Alligo’s Supplier Code of Conduct. This means that our suppliers have committed to Alligo’s Supplier Code of Conduct, the Chemical Restriction List and filled-out our digital supplier self-assessment. Our ambition is for all our significant suppliers meet our Supplier Standard.

One of the Group’s sustainability targets is that all key suppliers must have signed Alligo’s Supplier Code of Conduct (2022: 79%).

Alligo supports and respects the protection of human rights and works to ensure that its operations are not complicit in the violation of human rights. Alligo does not tolerate corruption, bribes or other disloyal practices that may limit competition.

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