Swedol is a multi-specialist for professionals in Sweden. Since we know them well – in particular those from all the small and medium size companies who often visit our stores – we can make sure that customers always get what they need from us.

At the same time, we are specialists. And customers can always ask for advice from our experts if they need help to decide what they need to do the job best.

Customers are always near us – both our sell-stocked stores and our online shop. Here they will easily find all professional products at an attractive price – both tried and tested solutions and smart novelties.

For our customers, a visit to Swedol is much more than simply getting the right product. They drop in for advice and tips, to juggle ideas with like-minded people and maybe just for a nice stop on the way. And when they leave the store, they carry with them a feeling of having met a team who will do everything to make their life as entrepreneurs easier, more fun and more successful

Swedol operates online stores and about 60 stores in Sweden. The customers are mainly in Construction, Industry and Workshop, Transportation, Agriculture and Forestry and Public Service.