Alligo is one of the Nordic region’s leading players in necessities, such as workwear, personal protection and tools.

Alligo focuses on professional customers within eight sector segments:
Construction Industry
Public Sector
Transport and Warehousing
Maintenance and Repair
Farming and Forestry
Fishing and Aquaculture
Oil and Gas

The offer is developed and adapted for corporate customers in eight defined industry segments and combines breadth with excellence in selected product areas. The focus is on offering customers the necessities needed for the operation of daily operations. The goal is to maintain a high degree of standardization and at the same time maintain flexibility for the customers who need it. A balanced mix of own products and some of the leading external brands ensures that customers find what they need for their business to work.

Sustainable product development

New products are continuously developed while existing ones are updated, improved or discontinued. In product development, sustainability is an important part – for customers to be able to make sustainable choices, the offer must have sustainable products. The development takes place partly internally and partly through collaborations with suppliers. We develop our offering based on sustainability-related goals and criteria in combination with a thorough understanding of the role of each product category for our prioritized customers. For example, all new own goods in workwear must be OEKO-TEX-certified.

Coordinated range

In 2021, a Nordic standard range was launched, which means that approximately 70 percent of the range is common to all countries. The number of items has been significantly reduced and all of Alligo’s own brands are available in all countries. The coordination of the range facilitates management and follow-up for Alligo, which provides increased profitability and better conditions for achieving the sustainability goals. For customers, the benefits increase through higher availability, increased service level and shorter lead times.

Strong own brands

Own goods enable, among other things, better control over the product chain, product properties and quality, as well as higher margins. Own brands are above all an important part of the range within the product category Personal protective equipment.