Carina Tenden  … on raising your hand
TEXT: Per Johnsson FOTO: Geir Rybakken Ørslien

Carina Tenden … on raising your hand

April 11, 2024

It began as a temporary position at customer service. Now she is part of the TOOLS management team in Norway.

Perhaps it is the case that Carina Tenden’s career was already decided when she was little and her father encouraged her to learn new sports.

“I was brought up that way. The reason was that he wanted me to learn different sports so I could be involved in different contexts when needed. I would always say yes because I could. I didn’t need to be the best, but it was important to learn new things and be able to participate. Always wanting to perform my best, alone or as a team, is my own driving force.”

“I think I have brought that with me into working life, to dare to train and become good at something that may actually be a bit unknown to me.”

Carina Tenden’s journey in her professional life began as a journey. Or more correctly, many journeys.

“I studied tourism and worked as a flight attendant and was abroad for a short period. When I came back it was hard to get a permanent job, so I took a temporary position at a company called Skydda.”

Skydda Group, which works with personal protection equipment (PPE), was a part of a group that later merged with TOOLS – but before that Carina’s temporary position had turned into a permanent one. It was the starting point of Carina’s ongoing professional journey.

“I quickly settled into the new work duties at Skydda’s customer service, but felt after six months that I needed new challenges. Then an opportunity turned up to work with process optimisation. My wish to always to develop, work with new challenges, new people and learn new things made me raise my hand. And I got the job.”

After five years at Skydda, Carina transferred to TOOLS where she became quality manager with responsibility for certifying and coordinating processes for five different companies. That was in 2011. After that, Carina has continued to take on new tasks and challenges within the company. She has also trained during the journey.

“It is an opportunity the company has given me.“

Today, she holds the title Director of Sales and Support in Norway, or more simply: Sales Director. When Carina describes her job, she says that “together with her team she makes sure that changes and improvements decided on are implemented and ensures that targets and results are achieved.” In her management role she also has HR responsibility for eight employees and leads a team of around 60 people. To the question about what is important to her as a manager, she was quick to respond.

“Making sure everyone is happy. And being clear and inclusive so that everyone knows what direction we will be going and how we will achieve our goals. It is important in a company that drives many change processes that the team is informed and feels that they have their own ownership of the process that takes us forward.”

Since December 2022, Carina Tenden has been a member of the TOOLS Norwegian management team with extended responsibility for inside sales and business support. An assignment she appreciates.

“One of my drivers is to be involved in what is taking place so that I can join in and influence. It’s always fun to do new things. It is developing.”

The drive to want to raise your hand and influence doesn’t seem to stop with Carina either.

“Me and my father talked about this when we went to the mountains the other day. We found that my children also try different sports. And I agree with him: It is good to learn all the time.”

One of my drivers is to be involved in what is taking place so that I can join in and influence. It’s fun to do new things.