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With lighter steps

Text: Johan Croon & Robert Långström
October 09, 2023

What would you do if your customers burdened their feet with 2000 tonnes every day? Maybe you could do the following?

Developed exclusive technology
Alligo and Customized have developed a technology together. With the help of a 3D scanner, custom ergonomic soles can be produced. They provide support that reduces the strain on work shoes.


It begins with 3D feet
Your feet are scanned in store. This information and your 3D feet are sent to Customized’s orthopedic technicians in Stockholm, who model the footbeds according to your needs. They are manufactured, refined and inspected before being sent back to the store for you to collect.


Seated inside the sole
If you choose a prefabricated sole, you received what is known as the Gesto sole. This is an ergonomic comfort insert with extra soft cushioning. It features high-density foam (PU) combined with memory foam and Poron XRD™ cushions under the heel and forefoot.


30,000 steps
People take many steps when working in construction, manufacturing, and other related professions. It generates a load of more than 2,000 tonnes.

“WE KNOW OUR CRAFT”. It’s a common comment you get if you ask someone at Alligo about their various services.

It’s not just about getting your logo printed or embroidered on your work clothes, or having your garments re-sewn according to certification requirements. These are important, but it’s also about doing extra of everything. Extra resources and extra ambition. If you want to work for skilled craftsmen, it is good to love the craft.

One such example are soles for safety shoes. In Swedol’s and TOOLS stores, you do not meet your usual shoe salesperson. Instead, your foot is analyzed using digital technology to help create specially adapted soles that prevent wear and damage.

“A work shoe is used eight to ten hours per day. Some cover up to 30,000 steps, while doing physically demanding and heavy work. A good sole should provide support and stability. It should reduce the strain on the feet and knees and also relieve other parts of the body,” says Adam Strandsten, sales manager at Alligo’s partner Customized.

“After the day’s work, feet should feel good and legs and body should not be tired. You must have energy left to exercise or play with your children.”

Customized are specialists in creating customized products for its customers. It is also Alligo’s primary sole supplier. Together, they have developed a technology that creates personalized soles with the help of a 3D scanner. You can go to a TOOLS or Swedol store and scan your foot, which creates a 3D version and matches its values against prefabricated soles in its range before recommending the sole that best fits your foot. These values can also be sent to Customized’s certified orthopedic technicians, who cast specially adapted soles specifically for your feet. The orthopedic soles are certified and adapted for safety shoes and it takes about a week to get a molded sole.


CUSTOMIZED CAN ALSO help with foot-related issues, such as heel spurs. When you scan your foot, you can also fill out a form if you experience any discomfort. Customized can then make further adaptations to the sole.

“We have the knowledge and can do a lot to help with the soles. If you have had problems for a long time, however, it is important to point out that the sole is probably not the solution. Then it is best to go to an orthopedist,” says Adam Strandsten.

Customized collaborates with Alligo’s salespeople and tries to be on site as often as possible, especially at larger workplaces. This creates the chance to try both shoes and soles, and also to get feet scanned.

“All of our orthopedic technicians are licensed. Most have a background as physiotherapists, have worked in clinics for many years and have extensive product knowledge.”

Alligo’s services

Foot scanning: Molded soles using 3D scanner.
Service workshop: Repairs for machines and tools.
Filters: Wide range of filters for machines and tools.
Hose pressing: Pressing of cable and hydraulic hoses on request.
Tailoring: Special adaptation of garments according to individual needs
Cloth printing: Printing of logos or names on clothes from Alligo.
Embroidery: Embroidery of the above for an exclusive imprint.
Spare parts: For machines and tools from Alligo.
Lifting chain workshop: Builds lifting chains directly in store.
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Scanners creates a 3D version of your foot