Full speed ahead
TEXT: Gustaf Johansson, CIO Alligo FOTO: Emil Malmborg

Full speed ahead

July 14, 2022

Alligo Stories is part of the story of us. About all the employees, projects, initiatives, and customers we work with every day. This is where we gather our brands, our history and our future.

Alligo Stories is like a common logbook, which describes our journey and the things that happen on the way to our destination. It can also remind us that we are captains of our own ship – that we ourselves determine our goals and the meaning of our journey. When you build something new, you also get the chance to create new bonds and stories. We hope these stories will be immortalized in Alligo Stories.

In the digital edition of the magazine, we talk about our new digital strategy – which we are currently launching.

It is a period of adjustment, and we must be humble. Many changes are being carried out concurrently, different cultures meet and we are all faced with new challenges.

But behind a sign that says “Sorry for the mess, we’re rebuilding”, work is underway to strengthen our future competitiveness. We hope that digitization will also become a unifying force and give us a common compass.

I am hopeful. Especially after meeting so many employees and seeing the energy that everyone works with.

It also confirms that we are currently sailing faster than our competitors.

I am hopeful. Especially after meeting so many employees and seeing the energy that everyone works with.

Alligo’s new digital strategy rests on four pillars

Strategies are big concepts. They are described in vague terms and can be difficult to understand, even for the reasonably knowledgeable. But once you start unraveling the concepts, it’s rarely as complicated as it sounds.

  • A common digital platform

Today, there a many parallel systems at Alligo that are not compatible with each other. With one common platform for all our systems, we will get higher-quality information – at a lower cost. This applies to business and e-commerce systems for example, but also platforms for collaboration and communication such as intranets, emails and digital meetings.

  • Transparency and clarity

Digitization improves both our internal processes and our customer offerings. For example, we can transfer up-to-date product information, prices and stock balances directly into the customer’s business systems. All documents – such as order confirmations, invoices and packing slips – will be available online for the customer. Correspondingly, we ourselves will become more efficient in handling orders and delivery confirmations from our suppliers.

  • Customized offers

When we collect information from all the different areas of activity, it can have a number of positive effects, and not just internally. We develop a broader offer that benefits the overall business, as well as the opportunity to tailor offers much better than before. For example, it could be new branded websites containing just a limited range of products adapted to a certain customer group.

  • Competence development

We are all responsible for ensuring digitization strengthens the business. The key to making that change lies with individual employees who meet customers every day and work with the systems that bind us together. It also means that we have to raise the knowledge level of all employees. Both when it comes to digitization in general, and more specifically our own opportunities. We must be very responsive to needs, which can look very different depending on the function. This is also another reason why we do Alligo Stories.

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